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Young Life​
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What is Young Life?​

Young Life gives you plenty of opportunities to have an amazing time with your friends at club, Campaigners and camp. You will also get to know the leaders and other students as we chat about life and what it's really all about.  Regardless of your beliefs you are welcome to get involved with Young Life any way you want.

Greenwich YL & WL Dates:
WydLife Save the Dates:
Click on WyldLife to see the schedule!

Young Life Save the Dates:
Click on Young Life to see the schedule!

The Young Life of Greenwich Staff
Kevin Chao cropped.jpg
Kevin Chao
Area Director
WyldLife Director
(203) 585-7171

287547_10150256613366603_594581_o.jpgCourtney Lau
Regional Trainer
Private School Director
(203) 998-1899
Greenwich YL.png
Young Life Office
(203) 340-2123

Young Life in our Community

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Phone: (203) 340-2123

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